Sage Senior Behavioral Health Unit

Cass Regional has partnered with Research Psychiatric Center of Kansas City, Mo., to operate the Sage Senior Behavioral Health Unit (BHU), which specializes in inpatient geriatric-psychiatric health services. The 10-bed unit was established to care for senior adult patients whose psychiatric symptoms have posed significant problems or safety hazards in their home environment. Patients come to the BHU from other long-term care facilities and private homes. Each patient has a personal treatment team to address both psychiatric and physical illnesses, which can often underlie psychiatric symptoms. Families are encouraged to participate in the treatment process.

Services offered include:
     Multidisciplinary Assessments and Evaluations
     Medical Services
     Psychiatric Services
     Group Therapy
     Recreational Therapy
     Social Work Services
     Discharge Planning
     Family Assistance

For questions or concerns regarding our Behavioral Health Unit, please call (816) 380-5888, extension 7930 or (816) 887-0793. The Behavioral Health Unit's fax number is (816) 380-1871.