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Physician opportunities

Employed and independent physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants serve on our medical staff.

Employment opportunities

Cass Regional presently employs 11 physicians and 9 nurse practitioners in our family medicine, general surgery, wound care and orthopedic clinics. Inquiries from physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants are always welcome. For more information, contact Patty Land, director of practice management, at 816.380.5888, ext. 4800, or via email at pland@cassregional.org.

Opportunities for independent physicians

In addition to the established independent physician groups within the area, Cass Regional partners with several specialists from the Kansas City region to offer regular clinic hours at our hospital and Rock Haven Specialty Clinic. If you are a specialist with interest in providing service at Cass Regional, please contact Chris Lang, CEO, at 816.380.5888, ext. 6630, or via email at clang@cassregional.org.


Providing quality, patient-oriented care is our priority at Cass Regional Medical Center. We partner with physicians and other medical professionals who have the necessary qualifications and credentials to provide safe and compassionate care to our patients. Our rigorous credentialing process follows federal and state regulatory requirements, and adheres to accreditation standards for verifying education, training, licensure and current competence in order to ensure that privileges are only granted to qualified providers. If you have questions or concerns regarding physician credentialing, please contact our Medical Staff Office at 816.380.5888, ext. 3100 or via email at medstaffcoord@cassregional.org.