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Ways to give

Annual gifts

The regular support we receive through gifts to our annual fund drive enables us to administer programs that change lives and save lives—as well as meet unplanned charitable needs throughout the year.

Event participation

Our foundation coordinates two signature fundraising events each year: a fundraising dinner and auction and the Celebration Basket raffle. We are fortunate to have outstanding community and business support of these events each year, and proceeds benefit programs such as medical equipment purchases and the Patient Assistance Fund.

Memorials and honor gifts

A gift to one of Cass Regional Foundation's programs in memory of, or in honor of, a friend or loved one is a meaningful tribute to that person's life. Several donors have chosen to give memorial and honor gifts through placing a paving brick or bench in our Memorial Garden or placing a wind sculpture in our Healing Garden courtyard. Learn more about our gardens.

Regardless of the program to which you direct your gift, we will be happy to acknowledge your donation to the person honored or to the family of the person memorialized. When you make your gift, simply indicate the name and address of the person to whom you'd like us to send notice of your donation. The amount of your gift will not be disclosed.

Planned gifts

Planned gifts refer to donations that are made from a donor's accumulated assets and are part of the donor's overall estate plan. In most cases, these gifts come in the form of simple bequests provided for in the donor's will (such as a set amount of money or a percentage of the estate). Gifts of life insurance and the establishment of charitable gift annuities also fall under the term planned giving.

Cass Regional Medical Center Foundation is fortunate to have been the recipient of several generous planned gifts, most of which have been in the form of bequests. At the direction of the individual donors, these gifts have been used to establish scholarships for health care students, obtain lifesaving equipment for Cass Regional or furnish certain areas of the medical center. Since these gifts are "lifetime" donations made from assets acquired over a period of years, many donors have been able to make a substantial gift that otherwise would not be possible if it were given out of current income. For many donors, even those of modest means, planned giving offers the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in an area of special interest for them.


The most common type of planned gift received by Cass Regional Medical Center Foundation is the bequest, whereby donors leave a gift to the foundation in their will. Below is sample language that you can use when including the foundation in your will.

"I give, devise and bequeath [written amount or a percentage of the estate or described property] to Cass Regional Medical Center Foundation of Harrisonville, Missouri, to be used by the foundation for the benefit of Cass Regional Medical Center. It is my desire that these funds be used for [specific purpose]; however, the use of such funds shall be entirely within the discretion of the board of directors of the foundation."

For more information, contact the foundation office at 816.380.5888, ext. 4650.

Charitable gift annuity

You can make a gift to support Cass Regional Medical Center and receive an income for life with a charitable gift annuity (CGA).

What is a CGA?

In exchange for your gift ($5,000 minimum) to Cass Regional Medical Center Foundation, you will receive regular payments for life. After your lifetime, a portion of your gift will be made available to support the charitable program of your choice at Cass Regional. You must be at least 60 years of age to establish a CGA with us.

Sample gift annuity rates for a single life

Your age Annual income rate
60 4.3%
65 4.7%
70 5.1%
75 5.8%
80 6.9%
85 8.0%
90+ 9.0%

The above rates are suggested by the American Council on Gift Annuities and are subject to change. Annuity payments are backed by the assets of Cass Regional Medical Center Foundation.

What are the benefits?

  • Annuity payments are paid for your lifetime and never decrease.
  • In most cases, part of each annuity payment is income tax-free.
  • You may qualify for a federal income tax deduction.
  • You are promoting excellence in health care at Cass Regional Medical Center.

To receive a free, no-obligation personalized gift annuity illustration, contact Sonya McLelland, Foundation Administrative Director, at 816.380.5888, ext. 4650, or email smclelland@cassregional.org.

Wish list and other special gifts

We are fortunate to have had donors who have come forward throughout the years to fund special projects at Cass Regional Medical Center, such as scholarships for students who are pursuing health care careers; construction of the emergency department, Chapel and Healing Garden through our Help, Hope and Healing Campaign; and "wish list" enhancements such as the lighting kit for our Healing Garden fountain.

Wish list

Our wish list includes items that have been identified by our Foundation board as being needed to enhance the patient and visitor experience and/or the delivery of health care at our facilities and in our region.

These items include:


Please inquire for current equipment needs.

Facility and grounds improvements

  • Planter in the rotunda.
  • Stained-glass window in the chapel.
  • Canopy to cover the main entrance circle drive.
  • Campus walking path with benches and exercise equipment.
  • Interventional radiology suite.
  • Oncology (including radiation therapy/cancer center development).


  • Engraved paver bricks.
  • Engraved benches.
  • Trees and other planting.
  • Kinetic wind sculptures.
  • Automatic door openers for doors leading into gardens.
  • Fountains and/or bird paths in the gardens.
  • Solar lighting for the garden paths.
  • Concrete pads for the Healing Garden benches (with additional space next to each to accommodate wheelchairs).

Assistance programs

  • Patient Assistance Fund.
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation Assistance Fund.

Changing lives

  • Scholarships.

For more information on how you can help, please contact the Foundation office at 816.380.5888, ext. 4810.

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