At Cass Regional, we do everything we can to control costs without sacrificing quality of care. We try to make sure each patient receives the maximum amount of benefits that he/she is entitled to under insurance policies or other payer systems.

You are expected to pay your co-pay before the service is rendered. Please plan ahead and have your co-pay with you when you arrive. Please bring your insurance cards with you at each visit and present them to the registration staff to verify your current insurance coverage. We will also require a copy of a photo ID to be placed in your record.

Cass Regional Medical Center accepts cash, checks, money orders and all major credit and debit cards for payment. Please stop at the Cashier’s office for payment between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Hospital Service Charges

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Cass Regional participates in many different health insurance plans for the residents of the community. To learn more about our participation in insurance plans, the policy regarding co-pays, and insurance terminology, view the links below.

Accepted Insurance Plans

Insurance Terminology

Financial Assistance

For those unable to pay upon discharge or the balance due after insurance payment, a financing agreement may be arranged. Cass Regional offers financial assistance for those who qualify.

Please view our Patient Assistance Policy here

Cass Regional Medical Center will not become involved in disputes arising from personal injury claims or marital disputes. Financial responsibility for our services always rests with the patient or legal guardian. With proper authorization, the hospital will make its records available to the appropriate authorities for informational purposes.

We hope this answers your questions about Cass Regional Medical Center’s billing. If you have any questions regarding pricing for hospital-based services, or regarding your bill for your hospital stay or services you had done at the hospital (such as surgery, diagnostic exam or specialists clinic visit), please contact our Business Office at (816) 380-5888, extension 6750 for last names ending in A-L and extension 6420 for last names ending in M-Z.

If you have questions regarding your bill for a visit to your family doctor's office or to certain specialists, please contact the appropriate Central Billing Office representative listed below:

Archie Medical Clinic, Garden City Medical Clinic and Kingsville Medical Clinic
Jana Cannon, CPC

(816) 380-5888, extension 8104

Drexel Medical Clinic and Peculiar Medical Clinic
Susan Sirocka

(816) 380-5888, extension 8102

General Surgery Clinic and Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic
Christy Henderson

(816) 380-5888, extension 8103

Harrisonville Medical Clinic
Dianne Gormly, CPC

(816) 380-5888, extension 8106

Pleasant Hill Medical Clinic
Janet Snell, CPC

(816) 380-5888, extension 8101