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Patient portal

PLEASE NOTE: If you have questions regarding your care (for example, test results), or need a prescription refill, please contact your provider’s office directly. The contact information listed here is only for assistance with access to the portal.

Cass Regional's patient portal gives you secure, convenient access to your electronic health record at Cass Regional. Through the patient portal, you can view your health information (such as lab results, medical imaging reports, your visit history, discharge instructions and your health summary), your allergies and medications, and upcoming appointments.

Our registration staff members are happy to assist you with enrolling in the patient portal during your visit to the hospital. If you prefer to self-enroll, you will need your Cass Regional Medical Center medical record number. You may obtain your medical record number by contacting the patient portal help line during regular business hours at 816.887.0444. You will need to provide certain identifying information, such as your date of birth, Social Security number and/or your address, in order to obtain your medical record number. Your email address must also be entered in your medical record before you can self-enroll.

Already enrolled in the patient portal? Log in here.

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Patient portal FAQ

Where does my health information in the patient portal come from?

All of the information in the portal comes from your Cass Regional electronic health record. This ensures that you have access to the most accurate, updated information possible.

How do I log in to the patient portal?

You must be enrolled to access the portal. Please see the enrollment information at the top of this page.

Can my family access my patient portal?

Yes, you can give family members, such as parents or health care proxies, access to your portal. This needs to be done within Cass Regional and requires consent from you and/or your family members.

Is my information safe?

Yes. Portal passwords are encrypted and URLs are rewritten so that they cannot be copied and pasted. You and authorized family members are the only ones who can access your portal. Also, a timeout feature protects your information if you leave the portal page open.

What if I have technical problems with the patient portal?

There is a contact section on the home page of the portal that allows you to submit any questions you may have regarding the portal. You can also contact the patient portal help line at 816.887.0444 during regular business hours or email patientportal@cassregional.org.