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Patient testimonials

I knew I was having a heart attack!

My wife drove me to the ER where they bypassed checking me in, put me in a cubicle and immediately started assessing my condition. Like a gift from God, Chris Beever, MD, arrived on scene within two minutes. His team of three nurses (names I did not get because of my situation) proceeded to start work on me, administering two IVs and monitoring my heart. Dr. Beever stood at the end of my bed and proceeded to relay different instructions promptly and quickly, lowering and raising meds and closely observing me. During this process my wife checked me in and was brought up to speed, including requesting what KC hospital I wanted to be transferred to treat my heart attack, which was Research. Forty minutes after arriving I was in an ambulance zipping down 49/71. They were waiting at Research, and they immediately started to work on me. They said Cass Regional provided everything they needed to start. I was much impressed with Dr. Beever and his professional way of handling me and coordinating three nurses all working together. A big shout-out to Dr. Beever and his team. Quick, quiet and professional. Thank you!

-Dave C., Harrisonville, MO

I'm on a path to a longer, better life!

I wanted to thank the staff of the General Surgery Clinic, especially Tanya Thompson! She was extremely helpful in the months leading up to my bariatric surgery. Tanya helped answer all of my questions and even helped get my surgery scheduled in a pinch with Dr. Hudkins, when my original surgeon had a scheduling conflict. To say she went above and beyond what she had to do is a complete understatement! I also want to thank Dr. Hudkins for stepping in to do my surgery for me when I was on a time constraint. He did an excellent job! He did such a great job that I had my surgery on a Monday and was in such good shape and with such little pain that I was ready to leave a day earlier than expected. Since my gastric sleeve surgery I've had no pain and no nausea, which seems to be a common side effect of the surgery. Because of Tanya and Dr. Hudkins I'm on a path to a longer, better life in which I will get to watch my kids grow up! I can't thank them enough for that!

-Ryan C., Pleasant Hill, MO

They cared for my daughter like she was their own!

I had to take my daughter to the ER today due to a broken arm (playing at recess). Dr. Beever was absolutely wonderful to us and all the nurses (Naomi, Ed, Emily) and staff we came into contact with were nothing short of kind and excellent. As a mom of a very young patient, it was so refreshing and comforting to see the way they cared for my daughter like she were their own. Thank you for your kindness. It didn’t go unnoticed!

-Amanda D., Harrisonville, MO

They had him leaving the hospital with a smile on his face!

Thank you to Dr. Beever and all his nurses that helped my son today in the ED! After taking him into [another hospital] yesterday, we were sent home with no answers, and his symptoms were getting a lot worse. Today at Cass Regional they found a bad case of pneumonia around my son's back where he was having a lot of his pain. Although my son obviously was still in pain, they had him leaving the hospital today with a smile on his face and very happy. I am so very pleased with how patient and kind the nurses were with him. You all are amazing. Thank you!

-Kiana R., Peculiar, MO

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