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Endoscopy refers to the examination of the digestive tract through the insertion of an endoscope. Endoscopies are used to evaluate certain digestive tract problems, such as ulcers or polyps (growths in the colon).

A type of endoscope procedure is a colonoscopy. A colonoscopy is an inspection of the large intestine through a scope that is inserted into the body through the rectum. This procedure is routinely performed every 10 years starting at age 50 unless symptoms or one's family history requires the screening to be done at a younger age.

Patients interested in seeing a doctor for endoscopy procedures must first be referred by a primary care physician.


Aaron L. Travis, DO

Jack Hudkins, MD, FACS

Walter Costner, MD, FACS

Clinton Seifert, MD, FACS

Endoscopy procedures are performed in the Surgery Department at Cass Regional.

Forms and instructions

If you are having a procedure done, please complete the GI patient history questionnaire and medication list. Bring your completed paperwork, picture ID and insurance card to your appointment.

Report to the surgery waiting room to register for your procedure.

Please note, the clinic requires 72 hours notice for cancellations.

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